From Zero to B in 14 months

In February 2016

I took my first swimming lessons ever. The aim was to learn how to swim. If I would get my A (beginner’s) diploma in 2 years, I would be the happiest man alive. It was tough. For months I couldn’t float. Neither on my belly nor on my back. But in December 2016, less than a year after I started,  I got that A diploma! Everyone in the “class of December 2016” promised to go for the next level; the B diploma. Since I already achieved my aim of getting the basic diploma, I was hesitant. I could swim and that was what mattered to me. I had nothing more to prove. But they convinced me to join them to the next level. So I registered. To my shock and surprise, none of them ever turned up for the B class! I decided to carry on alone!

Today at the end of March 2017, 3 months after my A diploma, I am proud to show you what happened. Watch the short video.

Never underestimate a determined me!

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