I am off!

I am off! The Facebook page https://facebook.com/femisoewuofficial was established on 01-01-2016 to serve as a public space for the challenges I asked people to give to me to do in 2016. People were able to dare me and I took up their dares. I took on many challenges and dares from people I already knew and some I did not know or have ever met. The other purpose was to answer the call of some of my long time Facebook friends who somehow felt like I am an enigma to them. They felt like they only knew my name but nothing else about me.


I feel now that I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish. I have shared my accomplishments and struggles. I have done a majority of the challenges I have been given by you. (In fact, the last one I just completed last week! Which one? I will keep to myself because I bet many of you don’t even remember any of the dares and challenges any more!)  I have also shared some insights into who I am. Some of you have found me to be straightforward and open. Some have found me to be a bit complicated and strange. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for!

In 2017, after having initially achieved most of the goals I set up the page for in 2016, I wanted re-brand the page to be a place where I would give my opinion on things. But everybody has an opinion on a million things so who cares what I think about anything! So that plan did not go ahead. I have instead, once in a while, shared a couple of things that are both private and public.

However, I am now scaling back my Facebook activities and presence. In fact if I did not have a business that is Facebook dependent, I will be completely off Facebook. It has become like a false podium where everyone is a hero. Mark Zuckerberg serves us enough doses of fake opium to get and keep us addicted to an imaginary world where we all buy new houses, eat healthy food, drive new cars, have fun with our family and friends, travel around the world, do only beautiful things etc. In real life, some are miserable and feel lonely and sad. But online we wear the fake mask of perfection. Damn! Some of my friends even use Facebook to talk to their loved ones or thank each other even though they are in the same room sitting side-by-side! We need to talk with each other more and less to each other.

I still have my own personal Facebook page, but even there I will be scaling back. If anyone needs my opinion about anything, they can always call me or meet with me. I will only be there once in a while to mind my own business and crack some jokes (if I am in the mood). I will still share business related posts and videos etc. People who are dear to me or who hold me dear know where to find me. I am going to try and reduce the opium that is Facebook. I hope I succeed.

Why am I saying all of these publicly instead of going away quietly? It is called being raised well. More than 1200 people (99% of who I don’t even know) have liked the page. I feel like I owe them an explanation if the page were to disappear, which it will by the end of this month. They did not have to like the page but they did. I appreciate the gesture. That is the main reason for this short bye bye! But for now, I am off! See you all in real life.  

By the way; this personal blog and website will stay online. It was there before Facebook. It will be there after Facebook. People who know me know how to find this website.


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