I am off!


I am off! The Facebook page https://facebook.com/femisoewuofficial was established on 01-01-2016 to serve as a public space for the challenges I asked people to give to me to do in 2016. People were able to dare me and I took up their dares. I took on many challenges and dares…

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3 things I learnt during the New Year Cold Sea water dive

Nieuwjaarsduik Scheveningen 2018

That my friends are chickens! This is the second year in succession I am doing this New Year Cold Sea dive in The Netherlands. The first time was last year. It was something like a novelty. Me, an old African guy jumping into the North Sea Ocean waters with temperatures…

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Trouble! Give me some light!

Migori at night

I was really looking forward to the Migori nightlife. So far I have had the time of my life during this trip to Kenya. I will spare you the details but this feels good. Most of the work I came to do have been done. That is, is you call…

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