Human beings are nomads. I am a nomad. I am human. All my travels are documented here. I am not one for museums or buildings. People interest me. Everywhere I go, I am looking at how different the cultures and the peoples are. How far mankind has evolved and moved on and away from each other in search of our individual identities.

We create borders to define ourselves. I like to see how people talk, laugh, eat, dress, think, act and react. I like to note all the difference in the languages, religions and beliefs. The races, the sexes, the way we all try to be different.  I wonder though, when we have to go, do we shit differently?

No. My travels have shown me; the only thing different about people is that we are all the same!

I like making pictures too. It is a skill I am trying to develop. The older I get, the more I know what I am trying to capture and convey.

So this blog is not only about my travels. It is a place to think aloud on some of the things I come across in life.

Welcome to the English Club!